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Our approach to software development is flexible and adaptable so that we can grow with your company and continuously meet your needs. Our projects are always carried out by skilled programmers. We provide solutions for all types of businesses, whether you are a start-up seeking rapid growth or an established company aiming to stay ahead in the competition

Our development services include:

Modern & scalable mobile applications

We have comprehensive experience in developing user-friendly mobile applications and further developing existing applications. We have expertise in harnessing native capabilities to create feature-rich mobile experiences that don't compromise on accessability or performance.

Web app development

We both develop and further enhance web applications. Just like with mobile applications, customer-centricity and high-quality user interface design are at the core of web application design and implementation. Our goal is to deliver a stylish and functional solution without compromising accessibility.

Unique and visually striking websites

We design and develop eye catching websites that reflect the personality of your company. Our expert team prioritizes user experience and works closely with you to create a website that communicates effectively and represents your brand.

Easy to use WordPress sites, updates, fixes, and custom plugins

WordPress and Webflow are powerful website builders that offer premade solutions for businesses. Wordpress & Webflow also enable the use of various plugins and integrations for, online stores, and CRM/CMS systems. Both platforms allow for creative freedom, custom design, and a seamless user experience. Our team can also create custom WordPress plugins in case, you can not find a suitable solution for your needs.


Do you want to take your business online and sell your products or services online? We can assist you in implementing an e-commerce solution tailored to your goals and needs. We build user-friendly and visually appealing online stores that showcase your products in the desired way with style!

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Jesse Lempiäinen Geeklab Co-Founder & CEO

“SauceSoft did what every SaaS developer wished that an oursourced team would; outrageous quality with a fast schedule while keeping it cost effective.”

Janus Joenpolvi, SauceSoft Co-Founder Janus Joenpolvi Co-Founder, Business & Sales +358 50 466 7127
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