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Jobs at SauceSoft

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We are actively seeking new employees. As an addition to our brilliant inhouse team we're looking to create a large portfolio of young developers, who we can call into our projects according to client needs. For example, when languages or technologies outside our core team's use are needed.
Furthermore, if you fit into our crew and are very involved in our projects as a contractor we'd be more than happy to get you onboard permanently.
Find out who we're looking for and technologies we use from below.


We are actively seeking brilliant young people that posses comprehensive programming knowhow. More specifically people who are skilled at mobileapp development, web development, cloud services, and or databases. If you don't fit into these categories still send us a message you never know if we'll need you in the future. There are no strict requirements for applying, just send in your freeform application with the information below:

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Graphic designer (Graphics and or UI/UX)

We're always on the hunt for great graphics designers as well as UI/UX designers. We'd prefer that you have an existing portfolio, but we aren't afraid to give new people chances.

In your application use the template from below, but exclude programming questions if you can't answer them. Include all work you've made and the tools you use to create stuff with. Also tell us how much you know about programming and software development.

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If you are not equipped for any of the jobs above but you have skills we could value, send us a message. You never know what might happen.

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Sending an application

Send your freeform application to [email protected]. Include the position you're applying for and your full name in the title

Example of technologies we'd appreciate knowledge in:

    HTML5 programming language icon. CSS3 programming icon. JavaScript programming language icon. TypeScript programming language icon. Python programming language icon.
    React framework icon. Svelte framework icon.
    Amazon Web Services icon. MongoDB icon. MySQL icon. PostgreSQL icon.
    Git icon. Docker icon. Jest icon. ESLint icon. Cypress icon.
    Adobe Creative Cloud icon. Adobe XD icon. Adobe Illustrator icon. Adobe After Effects icon. Adobe Photoshop icon. Adobe Premier icon.

Even if you aren't familiar with some of the core things from above, still send your application or let us know about you. We are looking for all programming talent in case our clients request projects that include languages or technologies outside our core team's use. In those cases we'll definitely give you a call.